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Remax Medalion

Virtual Staging

Have a room in your home staged for free

360Here are the guidelines for submitting a photo for staging:

  1. Make the room as bright as possible (turn on all lights, open all window coverings, shoot during daylight)
  2. Best resolution possible, but keep the file size below 10 megabytes
  3. Shoot Horizontal, not vertical.
  4. Use a wide-angle lens or setting on the camera to include as much of the room as possible.
  5. Have the camera between 4ft and 5ft above the floor
  6. Try to shoot from the centre of the room, up against one wall.
  7. Hold the camera level – both horizontally (keep the line where the wall meets the ceiling parallel to the top of the photo) and vertically (keep the lines where walls meet parallel to the side of the photo). See examples of Good and Bad photos.

Please complete the form below:

You can also call Christopher directly 416-892-7586 or by email chrishigashi77@gmail.com.

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